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International Marriage Agency «Fine point» is an exclusive agency promoting dating for meaningful relationship. The priority of the agency is the creation of the happy couple from two perfect complementary people with civilized, safe and comfortable way. We are glad to invite unmarried men and women. We are proud of happy couples, official marriages and the birth of children we have helped to come true.
When the «Fine point» is not the matter to delay.
Every person deserves to be loved. But not everyone's relations to others are going well.
We, specialists of marriage agency «Fine point» are ready to help anyone who dreams of building a strong and united family, who wants to find his/her soul mate.
Age is not a problem. It does not matter how old you are. Marriage agency «Fine point» helps single people of any age.
Distance is not a barrier. Our clients resident not only in Russian cities, but also in other countries.

More detail about:

Marriage agency «Fine point» provides paid services as follow.
The total cost depends on the number of consultations and applicants for dating.
The agency works with people only after a personal meeting, or an acquaintance via Skype.
Part an hour consultation price is $50,00
Minimal price allows to place your personal information into the database is $200,00
You can choose your schedule of rates after talking with a counselor.
The price for foreigners for selection of candidates for the dating is from $1000,00

Privacy for all clients.Individual approach.
Psychological support for all clients.
Photo book.
Recreation together.
Wedding abroad.
Romantic tours abroad.
Local dating, dating in Russia and abroad.
Many other interesting proposals.

During the consultation you may be offered to meet an agency VIP candidate.