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Privacy for all clients.Individual approach.
Psychological support for all clients.
Photo book.
Recreation together.
Wedding abroad.
Romantic tours abroad.
Local dating, dating in Russia and abroad.
Many other interesting proposals.

More detail about:
Marriage agency «Fine point» provides dating services for meaningful relationship, making a family, marriage. Our goal is to help single people meet each other. Knowing our clients personally, we can advise you what the key can help to open the heart of man, what can be please to him and what will immediately repel. The first impression can be made only once in a lifetime. Sometimes it is necessary to make a small adjustment of a single person under the other, to smooth things over, if they are available.Love is the beginning of all the perfect things.
So many new forces love gives us! Human being is willing to strive for the best, new things, to develop himself. Joy, positive, kindness, tenderness are your strength. Well-bred behavior, the ability to present yourself, deep respect for your partner, confidence in life these are the main satellites that will help you to stand out among the others, and you will find the happiness that can come to you on the first or third meeting, and sometimes, to meet the love you need to spend more than one year. The life in every deal is time and occasion. But if you take the situation under your personal control, if your goal is clear to you and you are with yourself and your partner, if you are person of worth so life will show you the bright side and you will achieve your goals. Anyway better not to go with the flow, to endure, and stepping forward quickly, dynamically changing the life situations, events, continuously experience new things.
Who are applying: persons of different positions, various social stratum, lifestyle. The one what join all of them is desire to find his or her soul mate. Every person is individual with private features. When looking for your soul mate one can have the only romantic meeting while the other have a lot. People learn more about each other, and learn to interact. There is impossible to build a strong relationship without compromises, it's not enough to find a perfect man /woman, to keep the relationship and to develop them is more important. You both should learn to care for a loved one, and highlight the more important things, ignoring small blunders: will this man be a reliable, give joy, open new horizons of his world, where each culture will be shared.
We want from the deep of our hearts you to find happiness and find a man who will go hand-in-hand with you through all your life and will make his main concern your happiness.
Your soul mate has already been waiting for you in our Agency! Share happy feelings and be happy. Call now, welcome and do your first step towards your happiness! Lovely people, talented, all-rounder, unique, the one for their mate, hope you are their fate.
It's nice to see the couple joining their hands, and the hearts are inspired with the future plans! When women are flowing tears of joy, and the men say, thank you, dear, for you let me feel that I am a man! When a dream of a man comes true when he is 46, and his sweetheart gave him the first child! It's nice to see when a woman says "no way, it's not my type of person", and the man wins her heart, reveals to her his own world, which captures her and finally they make a perfect couple! When parents become an example for their adult children to follow, so they have not seen such gentle, caring and respectful relationships in his former family! Here in our Agency «Fine point» you can become closer to just a drop from the ocean of feelings and experiences of our clients, but it's too much anyway! Welcome, we are glad to meet you with your dream or wait together it call to your heart soon!

The Agency does not serve the people: violating the ethical standards; having the mental disorders; having been convicted, abusers of alcohol, taking drugs, having the disease AIDS, hepatitis B and C.